Ch. Hannah v.Tim-Est


With the second mating between EC Bergansius Magusan and CH Diana V. Tim-Est we hoped to breed a girl resembling EC Pletskud Felis Jubatus .  The result was Hannah v. Tim-Est,, a Norwegian Forest cat who radiates energy and beauty.  Hannah is a cat with wonderful type and big almond shaped eyes that envelope you in their magnetism.  Her coat quality and boning are excellent, in perfect harmony with her triangular head featuring well set ears with thick tufts and rare, coveted lynx tips.  Her long, straight profile completes the picture of Hannah - a very harmonious, balanced Norwegian Forest cat.  Hannah loves the garden and it's wildlife, always hunting insects and, more than once, landing in the pond for her efforts!  True to her calm personality she shakes herself off and continues after the object of her hunt.

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