Ch. Lara v.Tim-Est


Actually I have never liked the classic-pattern. Through Lara, I know to estimate it now . Despite her much fur in a warm brown colour, this is to be seen incomparably plainly. Maybe it is also because of her size. In the age of 15 months she almost has the stature of her father - EC Bergansius Magusan. She already weighed 5080g there. Her coat texture is excellent with a warm brown color that compliments her long, bushy tail, perfect triangle head and big ears with lynx tips and huge tufts. Her fault is the not perfectly straight profile. But rather this imperfection and the rest fully corresponds to the standard, as reverse. After the death of the boss of the Cattery - Amadeus lionthooth, Felidae wanted to become boss. But Lara take on this office. Our " princess " is just typeful and expressively but also nature-solid. She fully corresponds to the cattery’s aim: big, typeful, sturdy Norwegians with excellent coat-quality and a loving nature. Lara had Kitten in June 2004.

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