in memory

 You cannot love too much

Special thoughts are always welcome for those we have loved and lost. 
They help us remember that great love does endure beyond space and time. 
Poem by Mina M.Titus


When all the house is still and dark,
And Memory’s Lamp is lit
Those little ghosts of pets we’ve owned
Steal back by us and sit.

With bight dark eyes they speak to us
Of distant yesterdays,
With tail away and head atilt
In dear remembered ways.

No human heart that once has known
A furry comradeship
But when the house is still and dark
Hear tiny ghost paws trip.

They’re with us still in memory’s niche,
Tho starry fields they’ve crossed
Those furry wraiths of shadow pet,
That we have loved and lost.”


Ch. & Pr. Inga v.Tim-Est


Gr.EC Skogsrået's Aramis


IC Diana v.Tim-Est


EC Lisa v.Tim-Est


Amadeus Löwenzahn


Kjeld v.Tim-Est 


Ch.T.-E.Remake's Elvira 


EC Pletskud Felis Jubatus


Alfi von Schoenau