My name is Eva Ewald and I was born in 1961.  I live with my husband Heinz (born in 1959) in the area of the low-Rhine between Düsseldorf and Mönchengladbach in the beautiful town of Kleinenbroich. We have a house with a 200 qm garden fenced in for the cats.

Eleven cats live with us: 

Inga v.Tim-Est, our eldest Norwegian born on August 24, 1988. 

Anuschka v.Wasserturm our most beautiful "Bonsai-Coon" born on May 13, 1990.

Leonardo, alias Bergansius Magusan, our playboy in pension and one of the most
wonderful males, because he always wears a pair of pants in the house.

Diana v.Tim-Est, a lady with charm. 

Felidae v.Tim-Est, the daughter of Diana and Leonardo. 

Skogsrået's Aramis, our playboy 

Hannah v.Tim-Est, another daughter. 

Lara v.Tim-Est, another daughter. 

Jean-Luc v.Tim-Est, who was in training to be the successor for Amadeus, now it's Lara. 

Passion v.Tim-Est, very promising daughter of Lara

Patrick v.Tim-Est, our drunken sailor

We have been breeding under the name v. Tim-Est since 1984.  The cattery was started by my best friend Hella Mack (her maiden name), and we breed together for awhile before she left the breeding arena and transferred her cattery to me.  The name v. Tim-Est comes from our first two Norwegian Forest cats - Timo and Estrid

My husband tolerates the "catful" excesses of his wife. I always go without him to shows.  His commentary: "If you need this monkey-circus, you just have to go alone."  It's better this way, because Heinz has his ideas of what the Norwegian Forest cat standard is and would argue with any so-called "judges" who disagree.

I love cats and have been an active participant in cat rescue groups.  My goal is to keep the Norwegian Forest cat in its original form, which is something breeders of any breed should strive to achieve.  I believe that one must attain the best with what already exists and to not incorporate anything new. 

Breeders and cat lovers should be frank and honest with each other.  If I have problems, I talk honestly about them and try to not only fix them but to speak out to others so that we can all learn from each other.  If someone wants to hear my honest opinion, be forewarned that sometimes you might not like what you hear.

Currently I'm working on a new edition of the "Rassekatzen-Jahrbuches", which will appear for the first time in both the German and English languages.  The fourth edition, published in mid-December, 2000 is available through me or the book trade, and there is also an offshoot online, which is managed by Markus Collein and myself.  You can see it at in both German and English.

I also own my own company, consulting with large companies such as banks and hospitals regarding which building materials (heating, sanitary, cooling, ventilation, etc.) they require.
Heinz is a chemical engineer. He consults for a company dealing with precious metals and provides support to their customers as needed. After all - one must earn money!! :-)))  Of course my earnings go to support our cats and my own various hobbies.

purr greetings and have a lot of fun on our pages

Eva & Heinz Ewald, also the cats v.Tim-Est